What is and why choose Wool? To appreciate this magnificent fibre it helps to have the full story. The links below show the journey – from sheep to yourself. There are lots of choices including videos, short courses and material suitable for primary school children. Please let us know if you have any queries.

About Wool


Wool Appreciation


Wool Academy Podcasts – Elisabeth van Delden



Australian Wool Innovation


International Wool Textile Organisation

promoting a sustainable future for wool


Textile Exchange

preferred materials to positively impact the climate


 ☁️Softness against your skin ☂️Comfort in all weathers 🧘‍♀️Clean air, filtered from VOC’s

🔥Protection from fire and UV rays 💩Less odour and less washing

🌱Knowing your wool is biodegradable

Caring for fine wool garments is like grooming. Superfine wool feels lovely and soft next to your skin and when minimally processed and spun has an increased tendency to pill, more than yarn made from a harsher, broader micron.  It also felts beautifully. The simplest solution to pilling is to use a high-quality fabric shaver to remove the pills.  The electric or battery Classic 50 fabric shaver is recommended.

It’s like patting a loved companion!