Welcome to Kia Ora Merino.

Kia Ora Merino is a family owned farming operation at Winslow and Woolsthorpe, Victoria. Brendan, Susan, James and Nicole Finnigan run a commercial flock of super fine merinos and trade cattle. We embrace Ethical, Sustainable, Profitable (E.S.P.) wool production.

Situated 74 meters above sea level,  with predominately volcanic soils over limestone, we enjoy mild summers and 750 mm rainfall annually (May- October). The properties are between the Spring  and Bullanbul Creeks.

By employing the latest genetic techniques and animal welfare standards our soft, fine wool represents the culmination of four generations’ knowledge, breeding expertise, dedication and innovation. We take great pride in our sheep, the care taken of them and in the magnificent fibre they produce.


Brendan, Susan, James and Nicole Finnigan have four generations of experience in the wool industry and between them degrees in agricultural science, health science, commerce, psychology, marketing and education.